In 2022 Marta De Lluvia started working on her second album under the direction of Riccardo Petretti, with the arrangements of Riccardo Petretti and Federico Ferrandina. The album will be out in 2023.


“Poco importa se è dolore o danza
non è mai abbastanza.”

Marta De Lluvia


Tutto ciò che non serve a niente
tutto ciò che non serve a nessuno
tutto ciò che non serve nessuno
è tutto ciò che serve – a me.

Marta De Lluvia

 “In sé maggiore”
Marta De Lluvia

copertina di Lucia T. Sepulveda


Marta De Lluvia (Marta Natalini) was born and raised in Recanati, Italy. She started writing poems and songs at a young age. She has studied classical guitar and singing. Parallel to music, she has always been interested in poetry and foreign languages.

She has studied foreign languages and literatures (Russian and English) at the University of Macerata. She has lived in Leipzig (Germany), and she has traveled to Russia on several occasions (S.Petersburg). While in Germany and Russia she has carried out her music studies and collaborated with local musicians.