Marta was born and raised in Recanati. From a very young age, she began to compose poems and songs, also undertaking the study of singing and classical guitar. Alongside music, she has always cultivated an interest in poetry and foreign languages. From classical music, after studying jazz, she came to songwriting.

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She has studied foreign languages ​​and literature. She has lived in Leipzig, Germany, and has taken several trips to Russia. She currently lives in Brussels where she collaborates with local musicians.

Sweet, sensitive, she loves to listen. She is introspective, but at the same time enthusiastic, curious, creative and very determined.

Writing is her way to get in deep contact with herself, to connect to the world and to “really breathe”. She likes to take her audience with her on an inner journey, in which she seeks ,more than anything else, authenticity and encounter. The poetic language allows her to always participate in first person and, at the same time, to disappear from her work, making room for the imagination and experience of the listener.

She loves the sea, trees, laughter. For her, music, pretty much like silence, brings forgotten voices back to the surface, frees and makes the heart dance.

She pays particular attention to the lyrics. They define the images and feelings which she then translates into sounds.

Her music is contaminated with elements of world, folk and jazz music.

She has a unique voice, which she puts at the service of the lyrics.

• She started writing poems and songs as a child

• From 2001 to 2006 she studied classical guitar. She loves playing and it feels an integral part of her songs. At the same time, she is an interpreter who likes to leave the guitar aside from time to time and dedicate everything to her vocal interpretation.

• In 2013 she published “In sé maggiore”, her first collection of poems. She initiated a series of music and poetry recitals.

• In 2017 she won the best lyrics award in the Bianca D ‘Aponte competition for female songwriters.

• In 2019 she released ‘Grano’, her first self-produced album thanks, in part, to a crowdfunding campaign.

• From 2017 to 2020 she took her first album on tour: she has held several concerts in Brussels, and she has experienced how her music is capable of conveying meaning even to an audience that does not understand Italian.

• In 2020 she was shortlisted for the Italian songwriting competition the ‘L’Artista che non c’era’.

• In 2021 she came third at the Gianmaria Testa Award (Moncalieri Festival).

• In 2023 she will release her second album.