The album “Grano” is the result of a long period of personal, music and artistic growth. It is rather a selection than a collection: it includes 8 original songs written in a time frame of 8 years, which represent some key moments in the artist’s life and inner reflection. The main topic is the continuous dialogue with life, looking at it with honest open eyes. The songs tell about a search for meaning. The author reflects on life alternating restlessness and profound peace, contemplation of its beauty and awareness of its end. This album is also the result of fortuitous personal and professional crossings, of relationships cultivated throughout time. The songs were written and developed by Marta De Lluvia, and afterwards elaborated with the Italian songwriter Giua. They finally found their present form thanks to Raffaele Abbate’s arrangements and artistic direction.

The album “Grano” surprises for its great poetry, its lyrics, but also for its sweet melodies and the care in the arrangements. […] The songwriter is very good not only at creating an enchanting musical atmosphere, but also at playing with the lyrics so that they convey messages and tell stories in perfect harmony with the notes. The album is well written and well played. “Grano” is with no doubt one of the greatest discoveries of female songwriting in recent times.

Giulia Nuti – Il popolo del blues
Photo by Antonella F Bassi

You can perceive here [in songs like “Mai abbastanza”, “I dervisci” and “Grano”, N.d.T.] as well as in “Romanticismo forse” the confidence of the great ladies of the Italian music, you can see the best of the Italian songwriters in chiaroscuro, and hear the catchy tunes of the radio evergreens. These new songs could certainly become classics if our musical world were less short-sighted and predictable. If those in charge of promotion weren’t always behind in discovering new talents, then success and recognition would be a given for Marta De Lluvia – wherever in the world she’d decide to lay her butterfly wings and her heart of antique woman.

Elisabetta Malantrucco – Blogfolk

These are convincing songs that win one’s heart, they might as well be “rainy” songs [reference to the songwriters’ name: Marta De Lluvia, in Spanish i.e., Marta of the rain, N.d.T.], but the artist from Le Marche makes you dive gently into her poetics suspended between a spiritual and an earthly dimension. With this album, Marta De Lluvia joins the group of female songwriters to follow in the next years.  “Grano” seems all but a debut album.

Viviana Berardi – L’Isola della musica italiana

[…] And so is her album: it sounds familiar from its first note. A warm voice singing of love, lyrics full of movements and metaphors – an English translation of the nine songs is available in the booklet -. This album is like a bomb, half an hour full of enthusiasm for life and warmth.

Veerle Deknopper –

Interviews for Radio Rai on the occasion of the album’s publication.

TV presentation of ‘Grano’ for TG RAI Marche